We are a leading IT company in the field of financial solutions. We create and improve unique software solutions for our clients. The professionalism of our team makes us ideal partners for your business. Trust us with your problem or idea, and we will create a unique product and optimize your service, from design to complex processes of algorithms for working with the product.
We will implement your idea using our technologies to create unique services for your business. Our professionalism allows us to do work from scratch, and is not subject to templates.
We will optimize and improve your existing service for your business. We will analyze your data and find gaps in your system to eliminate them with our capabilities.
We will make for you unique applications and your business website, from layout to professional software.
Software solutions
Our goal is to benefit our client with high quality services. Discover new possibilities with {new technologies}
We will set up your business and adapt your network for remote access. We will protect your network from various attacks and viruses, while maintaining the database of your customers.
We will fully check your service. We will advise all your cons and tell you the whole process of work that will be necessary to increase the quality of service.
All our clients are guaranteed confidentiality. We do not disclose the data of our clients and do not transfer information to third parties without your agreement.
API & Protected
Our experts will be able to bring your ideas to life. The financial structure of your business will open up new opportunities in various industries. Creating digital opportunities is our priority, which gives companies a competitive edge and a return on investment.
Our experience in e-commerce, financial and marketing technology, and other areas of business helps us to develop all technical solutions focused on our customers. You can come to us at any stage of your project - from idea to architecture. We will improve or create a high-quality and convenient business for you, whatever you want.
Our team offers a full range of services for web and mobile applications, including initial prototyping, UI / UX design, and professional programmers recreate Android / iOS / Win applications and your business website infrastructure.
APIs Solutions
With extensive experience in providing API development and integration services using C, C ++, Java, Python, and PHP, our API specialists create powerful, secure, and easy-to-maintain APIs. We are successfully creating an API-
high performance and safety interfaces for any industry and according to your specific requirements. Our developers use SOAP / REST API methods to process data in different programming languages. We document all APIs using Swagger to make it easier to work with them.
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To respond to increasingly sophisticated and sophisticated DDOS attacks, and in the face of the emergence of multiple vectors of aggression, efficiency, transparency and experience are more important than ever to your security strategy.
To effectively strengthen the protection of your business,
Inktech provides you with comprehensive support against all types of attacks with its anti-DDoS solution tailored to a variety of business needs. Database protection on your company's servers.
Although the number of technologies we work with is very large, we feel attached to the handful in which we finance ourselves more professionally and more confidently. We firmly know that an optimally selected technology stack is the key to success!
The innovation of your business is in your hands. Build or optimize your business with updated and improved technologies.
Name of company: Inktech Group Ltd.
Office: 28th October Avenue, Ariadne House, 3106, Limassol